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alien og kush strain

Alien og kush strain

Growing weed from Alien OG cannabis seeds and cuttings is of medium difficulty. The plant grows best in an outdoor setting, in a place which has high humidity. Plants are disease resistant but still, in high humidity conditions, especially if you decide to grow indoors and set the humidity around .5, you will need to check for disease and rot before they become a problem with your plants.

Alien OG Type: Alien OG is a hybrid of the following strains:
Alien OG can treat nausea. A few puffs and nausea can be forgotten. This can be invaluable in conditions of nausea caused by chemotherapy and radiation for cancer, or by disorders like dysautonomia.

Soon, however, the Indica effects will begin to dominate. You will become relaxed and cheery, with squinted eyes. You will become more sociable and agreeable. You will have a deep desire to get along with yourself and your loved ones and you will have a new appreciation for friends and family who are there with you.
Outdoors, Alien OG will be able to spread out a bit more and enjoy the sun and humidity. These plants will yield about 13 ounces of powerful weed per plant.

Alien OG medical marijuana can treat neuropathic pain, caused by damage to the nerves. This includes conditions like peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, and even Phantom Limb Syndrome.
Indoors, these plants will yield about 11 ounces of highly celebrated weed per square meter of space.
Chronic stress can cause anxiety and depression which may respond to treatment with Alien OG weed. The powerful weed will make you unable to focus on past storylines and place you squarely in the real world in real-time, enjoying your high. The stimulating, cerebral, Sativa component can make Alien OG weed suitable for use in Adult ADD and ADHD. It may help the mind focus and calm down racing thoughts and psychomotor agitation.

Alien OG medical cannabis has THC levels as high as 28 percent. It can knock pain out the box with that kind of power. Musculoskeletal pain and be treated for the duration of the high, with residual anti-inflammatory abilities. These types of pain include muscle pain, muscle soreness, sciatica and neck pain, joint and arthritis pain. The Indica effects can also reduce the effects of chronic stress.

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