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ali larkin cheddar

Ali larkin cheddar

Representing Holy Cross in the Massachusetts Poetry Convention 2018

Responsible for organizing and processing faculty expense reports and university related expenses such as travel, book purchasing, and conference expenditures
Assisted with video production, camera work, and social media campaigns that the Branded Content team created for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Branded Content Production Assistant, NowThis December (January 2018)
American Academy of Poets Prize Winner and Honorable Mention for the Purple Poetry Prize 2016
Worked with the Branded Content Team at NowThis Media
Develop content for the Live Broadcast teams to appear on our television network and appear on air to discuss it as a correspondent.
In total, I wrote 55 articles for in 3 months

Worked with brands such as Samsung, Campbells, Morningstar Farms, Pepperidge Farms

Ali larkin cheddar I’m an Associate Producer on Cheddar’s On Demand Team where I create various kinds of video content for all of our social platforms on tech, business, and news. I love to