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ak 47 strain seeds

Ak 47 strain seeds

One is her very pungent scent. So if you grow her in a location where smell could be an issue, make sure that you have good air filtration in place.

The other thing that growers should be aware of with AK-47 is that she is a bit more sensitive to high humidity levels and mould, due to her large, dense buds and high resin content. To keep the risk for mould low, you should make sure that your growing area is well ventilated. Since humidity levels can’t really be kept under control when you’re growing outdoors, this can make AK-47 a bit challenging in an outdoor environment, in particular in humid or rainy climate. She’s a good outdoor strain to grow in climate such as the Mediterranean, but would be less ideal to grow outside in northern climates, where the weather normally turns bad at the end of summer.
Most cannabis aficionados have likely heard about AK-74, the award-winning cannabis classic that is still very popular today. Considered a true masterpiece of cannabis strains, she provides marijuana connoisseurs with the best of both indica and sativa, in one rewarding hybrid. Some of the best qualities of the strain are her superb high, complex flavour profile and good yields. She has won countless awards, at times crowned as best sativa or best indica.

The complex flavours of AK-47 are yet another reason why so many love the strain. She has sweet and earthy Kush notes that she mixes with tastes of rubber, floral notes and hints of wood.
The sativa-dominant hybrid delivers a powerful and long-lasting effect that is very relaxing, along with a nice cerebral buzz that makes you feel happy and creative. This makes AK-47 a great strain to stay alert and engaged in social activities. With her mellow high and her mood-lifting properties, she’s also a good choice for users who need help with anxiety or chronic pains.
The lineage of AK-47 is believed to go all the way back to Thai and Afghani crosses of the 1970s. The strain itself, however, didn’t come into existence until the early 1990s, and saw further improvement in 1999, so that it can produce more uniform seeds.
The AK-47 strain adapts well to all kinds of growing environments, which means you can grow her in soil, in coco or in hydro, and you can pretty much always expect good results. She is also an excellent plant that responds very well to pruning, and is very good for those who can grow her in a SOG to maximise yields. There is not too much to growing this lady, but there are two things that you need to be aware of.
At Royal Queen Seeds we have upgraded the classic AK-47 to Royal AK Automatic that can provide you with all these advantages. And just like the original, Royal AK Automatic will provide you with the legendary happy high, with just a slight body stone, and please you with her very good resin production and a great taste.

Unlike some other, newer strains, AK-47 doesn’t really form a thick layer of trichomes. She makes up for this with her very large buds that, due to their shape and size, some compare to small bananas. She sports nice colours as she grows, her lime-green buds contrast with her orange pistil hairs, giving the plant a classy (and classic) look. Some phenotypes of the plant can also turn shades of purple.

AK-47 is a classic cannabis strain that is widely enjoyed by many. Find out everything you want to know about this formidable strain!