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ak 47 seeds feminized

My first weed I’ve tried is AK47! effect blow to the back of the head with 4 deep pulls. Then covers and blows the head so psdts. It is better not to touch. Kept the hours and very hard, and then gradually let go.. after 2 hours of house in my head.. you start to think and think adequately. those who did not smoke I advise trying
Even though its THC levels were considered too high at the time, AK-47 still managed to gain huge popularity and maintain it to this day. In fact, due to its outstanding flavor profile, good blend, and adaptability, it has won countless awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup.
To enjoy the medical benefits of this strain, you can buy AK-47 weed seeds at our shop and grow your own cannabis tree.
Many people who suffer from insomnia also use the AK-47 strain thanks to its combination of relaxing and mood-improvement effects.
hi! I grew AK47 about a month ago with grain, bushiness is very good, but the height of 30 cm, how to understand how much the Bush will stretch out in color? Space from floor to LEd lamps not more than 120cm, when translated into colour?
Overall the AK-47 feminized seeds are fairly easy to grow and can be found at our shop for sale. If you’re looking to buy AK-47 seeds and grow them, it’s best to do it in a location where smell won’t be an issue, as they have an extremely strong odor.
Found these seeds again because of Dutch Seeds Shop. I highly recommend them for your seeds needs.
What makes the AK-47 seeds such a popular choice for marijuana growers is the average flowering time of about 60 days. To maximize yields, you can grow it in a SOG method, but you can also expect great results in the soil, coco, and hydro.
Samuel Smith – December 22, 2018 :
AK-47 is a feminized easy to grow strain with a high yield. AK-47 is a cross between Colombian, Afghani, Mexican and Thai seeds. Flowering period 7-9 weeks. FREE. Seeds. Delivery to USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.