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ak 107

Ak 107

30-round plastic magazine. Does not contain any visible tracers.

For grenade rounds usable with the GP-25, refer to its dedicated article here.
The AK-107 GP-25 is simply the baseline AK-107 rifle that has had an underbarrel grenade launcher attached to it.

The main downside of the AK-107 is that it does not have a carbine or suppressed variant, which makes it less than ideal for use by vehicle/aircraft crews or special operations units (respectively). Just like the AK-74, the 5.45 mm round that it fires is also quite mediocre performance-wise and has a greater damage drop-off the further the round travels (in contrast to the M16A4’s 5.56 mm round).
Russian conscript armed with the grenadier variant of the AK-107.
Unlike its older counterpart, the AK-107 can fire faster and is mostly constructed out of synthetic materials and polymers as opposed to wood. This not only makes it lighter to carry but also easier to adapt to modifications. Other differences between the two are the addition of a 3-round burst fire mode in addition to semi and full auto, and the ability to accept and fire subsonic 5.45 mm magazines without the need for a dedicated supressed variant.
The AK-107 is a 5.45 mm assault rifle used exclusively by the Russian Armed Forces in ArmA 2.
Essentially the Russian counterpart to the M16A4 rifle used by the U.S. Marine Corps, the AK-107 was the latest incarnation of the AK-series of assault rifles that was being utilised by the Russian military. A fairly balanced general-purpose weapon, the AK-107 can be used to accurately hit targets up to 400 metres away.

The GP-25 uses a notched quadrant sight that is accurate up to an effective range of 300 metres.

The AK-107 is a 5.45 mm assault rifle used exclusively by the Russian Armed Forces in ArmA 2. The AK-107 is a gas operated, selective-fire assault rifle with a rotating bolt that is chambered to fire the 5.45×39 mm cartridge.