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afghanica strain

Afghanica strain

Being short in stature also makes it ideal for indoor cultivation. Maintaining the temperature range between18 °C to 25 °C. Not only that, but moisture level could also be monitored and adjusted, especially if grown using hydroponics. Pruning is necessary for better air circulation and for light to permeate to the lower branches. Cutting away dead foliage will also improve nutrient distribution. Under keen eyes and the finest care of a seasoned grower, a typical yield could be as high as 600 grams of buds per square meter.

The cannabis industry can be quite cut-throat as top-shelf strains are up for grabs left and right, with new ones being introduced every year. Some rise as hybrids taken from the best qualities of different iconic strains while others are simply improved and modern versions of an old-school staple.
This hard-hitter has a rather monstrous THC count of up to 28%, perhaps one of the higher ones in the cannabis market. Thus, it should come as no surprise Afghanica packs a mighty blow. Used beyond tolerance, it can deliver an overwhelming experience that one in a quicksand. In moderation, however, it is quite pleasant.

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Such is the case of Afghanica, also called Kabul Baba, a purebred Indica with publicizing potency and mouth-watering aroma taken from the phenotype of Afghani #1. Containing a hefty THC volume, it is almost impossible for a cannabis enthusiast not to have high expectations with its larger-than-life lineage.
The intense psychoactive compounds can sometimes cause undesirable cerebral offshoots like heightened anxiety if taken without caution. It usually starts with a temporary dizziness that, if left unattended, further enhances one’s oral and audiovisual sensitivities thus resulting in a feeling of paranoia. Apart from being THC insensitive and over consuming the strain, another factor that can lead to such side effects is susceptibility. In such cases, it is best to not smoke at all.
The pure bred Indica’s sedating effect is its most appealing quality. It promotes a mellow buzz that comes with a body-lulling high. Of course, its sweet, earthy aroma and woody flavor are undeniably good additions too. With all that in mind, this spin-off continues the legacy of its heritage by offering an herb with the full package.
by Bonza · Published February 5, 2019 · Updated January 29, 2020

With Afghanica’s robust components, the overall quality of life significantly experiences an improvement. Its cannabinoids, particularly its high levels of THC and up to 1% CBD, provide benefits to users suffering from various mental and physical health conditions.

Afghanica is an enduring, purebred from an Afghani #1 variety. Its high THC content makes it the perfect companion for ultimate relaxation.