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Continuing from the last Comic, here is something showing how the huge amount of criticism and rejection we face for our ADHD symptoms can not only prevent us from getting better, but also teach us bad coping mechanisms – and how it might affect us even now in our daily life.
Next up: How it affects me daily and what I do against it.

When everything demands your attention equally and you need the hyper vigilance of anxiety to not mess up. And don’t even get me started on uncomfortable clothing adding to the overstimulation
Coming soon:
2/4 “Where does it come from?”
¾ “How can I spot it?”
4/4 “What can I do?”

“Why criticism hurts so much”
There’s nothing I asked myself more than this the months leading up to my diagnosis
Making comics about my experience with ADHD – Patreon
I’ve been working on a series aiming to explain why we can get so deeply hurt and afraid of disapproval that it will interfere with our life decisions.
What if I’m just lazy?

Part 3 of the Rejection sensitivity series! There is a lot to consider when exploring why I react the way I do to criticism (or, why I always see criticism everywhere). But here are a few behaviours I’ve noticed in myself and how it affects me daily.
Part 1
Part 2

Making comics about my experience with ADHD – Patreon