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9 leaf weed plant

A- When every new fan leaf has more finger(Blade) than previous one.Normally , in a healthy marijuana plant,the number of fingers is as follow:
1st fan leaf has 3 fingers( photo 1 )
2nd fan leaf 5 fingers, photo 2 and 3
3rd fan leaf 7 fingers(6 is acceptable) photo 4
4th fan leaf 9 fingers(8 is acceptable) photo 5
5th fan leaf 11 fingers(9 and ten is acceptable)
After the fifth internodes all fan leaves should have 9 to 11 fingers but 12 blade is a possibility( photo 6 )
Ps: some strains genetically, never show more than 7 fingers , even in the best grow situations. I
B- When every fan leaf has its side branch even the first fan leaf and the side branches don’t stop growing at anytime during veg cycle( photo 7, part B )

D- When the first small pseudo leaf ( photo 1 part 1 ) keeps its green color and does not turn yellow
I think there are some signs that their presence could show that everything is OK .
I want to share them with you guys,Its just my observation and experience and I have no intention to say they are %100 correct.I will be more than happy to know your Idea about it.
Here are the signs:

E- when the plant shows its preflower on time( some strains have natural tendency not to show their preflower on time) . In every strain the presence of the preflower is a good sign but its absence does not mean any problem.

F- When side branches fan leaves has 7 finger leaf( photo 5 ).
I remember the first time I planted marijuana, my best indicator of a healthy plant was its vertical growth .
Even I was boasting to my friend that my Sensi Star is growing more than 2 inches a day .
Now, I do not pay too much attention to vertical growth, actually vertical growth is not even in my list of observations.

c- The stem of a healthy plant has normally some scaling on it due to fast growth of the body compare to limited ability of skin stretch( photo 7 ,part D )
S ix signs of a healthy Young marijuana plant:


Six signs of a healthy Young marijuana plant: I remember the first time I planted marijuana, my best indicator of a healthy plant was its vertical growth…

9 leaf weed plant

  • Induce body relaxation
  • Increases the production of dopamine
  • Stress relief
  • Soothes aching muscles
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Lessens pains and aches
  • Induce drowsiness
  • Stimulates the appetite

Dismissed as a substance that can cause addiction (which is not entirely accurate), most people do not know there are thousands of hybrids, let alone three families. Each of these plants is distinct from the others and has different benefits.
Besides the three principal families of cannabis, another term that people come across is hybrid. It turns out that the three are crossbred. In other words, hybrids are plants that possess the genetics of at least two of the families.

Indica plants mostly originated from sub-tropical countries where there is a more significant variation in light cycle. Because of that, it tends to begin flowering as soon as it reaches maturity. For commercial growers, the speed in which it grows means they can produce more and, thus, earn more money.
2. Cannabis Indica

  • Pulp and paper
  • Fabric
  • Insulation
  • Automobile parts
  • Carpeting
  • Recycling additive

The leaves of Sativa plants are elongated and pointy. Some people have even taken to referring to it as finger-like.
Besides the appearance, the effects of Sativa are also distinct. In the past decades, one of the things that breeders focused on was to have a high THC content – these are compounds that are responsible for the psychoactive properties of the plant. As such, its effects are more potent.
Of course, if the purpose is to produce seeds, only then do the male plants become valuable to growers.

For breeders, Ruderalis is a valuable plant for two reasons. One is that they could use it to develop new hybrids that contain both the Sativa and Indica genetics. Another is that they could also produce auto-flowering seeds – its native trait.

As a beginner in growing cannabis, all the things that need to be taken into consideration can be challenging. Here are some useful background information on the different types of cannabis.