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710 cannabis

710 cannabis

A code term used to represent smoking cannabis oil or extracts, as “710” is OIL upside down (it’s easily seen on the digits of a calculator). Just like its all-encompassing relative “420,” 710 has garnered the representation of a niche cannabis lifestyle that is celebrated both by dabbing at a specific time (7:10 a.m. or p.m.) and date (July 10th — or 7/10).

While many industry insiders point to TaskRok as the creator of the 710 movement, he’s hesitant to claim full ownership; in the interview, TaskRok claims the term 710 “belongs to the community now.”
While there is no single industry event that stands out as the go-to 710 celebration, there are a number of events in marijuana-legal states (e.g., Oregon’s Camp Sesh, Arizona’s 710 Degree Cup , and Colorado’s Kush Masters 710 Celebration) that attract dabbing enthusiasts eager to celebrate the holiday.

Since its inception, the 710 movement has been embraced by the cannabis community. A simple search of “#710” on Instagram returns more than 10 million photos and videos of extracts, rigs, and people taking dabs.
While 710 can be celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts on a daily basis (by dabbing at 7:10 p.m.), larger, more official celebrations often take place on July 10 (which, numerically, is 7/10).
The use 710 has continued to gain momentum, both in the media (in 2014, both High Times and International Business Times ran articles on July 10 celebrating 710 and “Dab Day”) and with cannabis consumers. As cannabis legalization has spread across the country and concentrates become more readily available, dabbing continues to grow in popularity as a consumption method — and dabbers continue to embrace the 710 lifestyle.
While 420 has a clear origin story , the history of 710 is more of a mystery. There are some reports of the term 710 first appearing on Urban Dictionary back in 2010, but the term wasn’t widely tied to or associated with cannabis, hash oil, and concentrates until 2011. Some sources point to TaskRok of Highly Educated as the originator of the term; in an interview with Leaf Online, he claims he originally thought of the term in a chat with industry professionals from Healthstone and BeeHive Oil Clothing. TaskRok also released an album (under his group name Task & Linus) on July 10, 2011, called “The Movement” that had multiple references to dabbing, including a track titled “7:10.”
In 2013, two media outlets covered the 710 phenomenon — Weedmaps’ (which updated an existing article on dabbing to include information on the term 710) and LA Weekly (which ran a story titled “710 is the new 420” in July 2013). Also in 2013, the cannabis world’s first official 710 celebration was The 710 Cup — which, interestingly enough, didn’t actually take place on 7/10 (July 10 fell on a Wednesday, and organizers pushed the event to the following Friday through Sunday weekend, July 12-14).

While there’s still some debate as to who, exactly, came up with the term 710, there is less debate as to when it became more prominent and started to garner real attention in both cannabis and popular culture.

A code term used to represent smoking cannabis oil or extracts, as “710” is OIL upside down. A simple search of “#710” on Instagram returns countless photos and videos of extracts, rigs, and people taking dabs.

710 cannabis

420 celebrations vary; everywhere around the world, 16:20 is considered the best time to light up a joint and relax, but what about April 20th? In the US, the 20th of April (or close dates when not on a weekend) is usually place to many different celebrations around the country, bringing people together to enjoy the cannabis experience

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In 2017, activists from the DCMJ organization decided to have a different type of protest; they handed out at least 1000 rolled joints to members of congress and members of the press who where over the age of 21 in an effort to decriminalize cannabis. They stated that they were celebrating their right to make educated decisions not based on propaganda pushed by the press or government.

The origins of 710 are also slightly mysterious; the first official celebration of 710 was probably the 710 Cup in Denver, Colorado back in 2013, although people were unofficially celebrating it before then. People widely believe that the term came from an online chatroom, thought up by rapper TaskRok.
420 is a number that’s used constantly to reference cannabis, and once you’ve noticed it you’ll start noticing it everywhere; check out your favorite stoner movie again and you’re sure to see it on a newspaper or on a clock.
TaskRok and some friends were chatting on TinyChat and they were talking about having a new time to smoke their dabs at, because 420 was becoming kind of old school. TaskRok came up with the idea of 710, which is OIL inverted, and it began to spread. He released an album on July 10th called The Movement in which he references hash oil quite a lot.
If someone where to ask you what does 420 mean, you’d probably answer by saying that it’s a number that references 16:20 in the afternoon or weed day, right? While this is true now, 420 actually dates back to the 70s and has had many cannabis enthusiasts scratching their heads; there’s plenty of theories of where it came from, and everything you read will probably tell you something different.
This message started off secret, but began to spread and it’s not much of a secret anymore; the 20th of April is world cannabis day due to the format of the US calendar, where months are placed before days, making the 20th of April 4/20. Plus, this year it’s 2020 which means that 4/20 lasts a whole month according to the European calendar format.

Pretty much everyone that has consumed cannabis has seen the number 420 referenced all over the place; lighters, grinders, rolling trays etc. It’s quite a common number to find in the cannabis scene, but what does 420 mean?

Happy 420! But what does 420 mean? Find out everything you need to know about 420 here, including myths, as well as the latest cannabis-related number 710!