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47 auto

47 auto
Since this strain is more vigorous than its predecessor, the plants of the Jack 47 XL Auto are taller and have more side branches, reaching 130cm in height under optimal conditions, and developing a pyramidal structure with a prominent main stem surrounded by secondary branches. This strain doesn’t require any special care in terms of nutrition, although it likes having plenty of room for the roots and repays you with generous yields.
This strain’s high matches those of the best photoperiodic Sativas in the market, and is highly valued at medical level.
Sweet Seeds presents the XL version of their Jack 47 Auto, a feminized autoflowering strain and a cross between Jack Herer Auto and an especially selected AK47, a classic of the cannabis world. For the creation of the new Jack Herer XL Auto, Sweet Seeds didn’t use new genes, but worked with some of the most vigorous and productive specimens from the original cross up till the third generation, offering larger plants and bigger yields than the first one.
The flavour and aroma are dominated by Jack Herer’s typical and refreshing incense notes with sweet hints of lemon. A proper curing process will accentuate these scent, as well as a good quality vaporizer.
In outdoor grows, it follows a similar pattern of growth, surpassing 1 meter of height when planted directly in the ground, and producing 60-200 g/plant, depending on factors such as nutrition, hours of light, temperature, pot size, etc.
In indoor growing, these plants produce dense and compact buds on a long main cola, with a final harvest of 475-600 g/m 2 . They take 9 weeks to complete their whole life cycle, from seed to harvest, and provide an excellent resin production.
The most powerful XL auto in the market
With a THC content of 18-21% and a strong Sativa predominance, the high of the Jack 47 XL Auto is very intense. According to Sweet Seeds, this strain is one of the most powerful autos in the market. Euphoric and creative, the effect is also relaxing on a physical level, something especially valued by those who treat their ailments with cannabis but wish to get on with their daily routines.
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Jack 47 XL Auto : Сидбанк Philosopher Seeds
47 auto
We like virtually all strains but, most of the time, prefer Sativas to Indicas although, in this harvest, we did not have a great number of them. The Jack 47 Auto was one of the few Sativas we were going to have and did not disappoint us.
It flowers rapidly and is ready in just 9 weeks from germination. Plants can measure more than one meter, with yields ranging from 450-600 g/m2 indoors under lamps, and 50 to 200 g / plant outdoors in optimal conditions.
It has a great sweet and fresh flavour, with distinctive citrus and incense touches. Its high is very powerful and long-lasting. After consumption, it will immediately cause a very happy and lively feeling, stimulate the mind and relax the body.
The photoperiod was set at 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. Growth was surprising. All the specimens advanced strongly and robustly towards the light and developed thick branches with a rather short internodal distance. At the first watering cycle, we added a root booster to favour the growth of a good root ball in the first weeks. We only added a specific growth fertiliser once or twice at the end of the growth phase.
We followed the indications of Sweet Seeds and observed through the microscope that trichomes were mature. We hastened to trim all of the 4 grown specimens. The harvest was overwhelming, with very dense, hairy and big buds.
The seedlings’ cotyledons soon made their way to the surface – partially as a result of the heat produced by sodium lamps, which we initially placed at a distance of approximately 80 cm. As day passed, we reduced this distance to 45-50 cm maximum.
In a dark room, we germinated four seeds of Jack 47 auto between wet cloths. None failed and, in less than 48 hours, they had all germinated. Then, with the radicle downwards, they were directly planted in pots with a capacity of about 18 litres, which obviated any possible stress caused by moving plants from small pots to larger ones.
It looked as if those enormous buds had eaten up the underlying leaves, whose trimming was fairly easy and was completed in record time due to the rather low leave-to-bud ratio. The smell they gave off clearly confirmed that they had grown into spectacular Sativas. We hung the cut branches upside down and covered them with a tarpaulin in a dark, well ventilated room at a temperature below 20 º C and humidity of approximately 60%
After two weeks in the drying room, we were able to see the remarkable features of this strain.
This plant is a fantastic auto with a good size and a satisfactory yield. It flowers in a few weeks and has an incredible potency.