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420 growers club

420 growers club

Best Rosin

1st Place – MOAB by Bezzle
1st Place – Razzberry Waffle by Prix d’ Ami

Breeders Cup – Best Indica Winner
Orange Groovy by Grateful Seeds
Growers Cup – Best Sativa Winner
Tropicana Cookies by Bud Professor
The Cannabis Culture Awards, previously known as the ‘Cannabis Cultuur Prijs’, were initiated in 2004 by philanthropist Ben Dronkers in order to honor and reward people who have made outstanding contributions to the world of hemp and cannabis. Read More.
the ic 420 cup 2018, moved to Barcelona.
ic420cup – First edition in Barcelona winners are:
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1st Concentrates : Di Frutti by @karmagenetics X @flawlessextractscompany

IC 420 Growers Cup