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3rd gen family seeds

3rd gen family seeds

T.H.Seeds (originally CIA/KGB)

Swamp Boys Seeds is a successful collaboration between Cornbread Ricky and Krome, two old friends from Florida. These creative breeders have undeniably made today’s cannabis community a better place, chiefly by sharing two legendary strains: Triangle Kush and The White.
Esteemed Pioneers Emeritus

Previous HIGH TIMES Seed Bank Hall of Fame Inductees
This induction has been a long time coming! Originally founded in 1996, Brothers Grimm became known for strong and stable strains. When they shut down in 2002 due to security concerns, the original Cinderella 99 seed stock was quickly depleted and became unavailable until their recent resurrection in 2016. During the dozen or so years in between, the C-99 became more than just popular—it reached cult status as the holy grail of indoor marijuana.
“We at Gage Green Group will expand our repertoire this year with a new line of championship genetics. Our new explorations will involve many Hazes and distinct landraces in order to diversify the already exceptional expression of Gage Green Genetics. As usual, we’ll be incorporating heirloom clones that meet our high standards. We continue to revitalize world-class clones, such as the OGKB, through living soil and beneficial farming practices so that our champions will be pure and unhindered by chemicals. After decades of working with pure, natural methods, our quest for miraculous herb has only just begun!” —Gage Green Group
Bodhi Seeds have been incredibly consistent for many years when it comes to producing high-quality seeds and cultivars. Most breeders can’t hold a flame to Bodhi and the level he’s at when it comes to selections: Many consider him among the top five breeders to date. Some of the males he’s selected for his breeding projects have included the Appalachia (Tres Dawg x Green Crack) and an 88 G-13 x Hash Plant cross that’s been producing nothing but superior A-grade genetics with intense effects, incredible aromas and unique flavor profiles.
Growing has been Crockett family affair for three generations, and their emphasis is always on a superior medicinal and connoisseur-quality end result. Some other varieties that have become very popular are Double Tangie Banana, Sour Banana Sherbet, Clementine and Citrus Sap. This is another seed company to keep your eyes on if you’re interested in tropical, fruity aromas and flavors. Be sure to watch for the Banana Pie crosses being released throughout 2017.

2014 Inductees

We’re excited to be adding another 10 seed companies to our illustrious list of the world’s best pot breeders. Behold the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup winners with…