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32 thc

32 thc

As a cross between Strawberry Diesel and Bruce Banner #3, this strain grows fast, reaches a massive size, and produces a big harvest. Bruce Banner BX 2.0 usually needs a full 10 weeks to flower, as well as some training and pruning to control its height; hence, it’s not the best strain for beginner growers.

There’s a lot a name can tell you about a particular cannabis strain, and that’s especially true for HulkBerry. This is a hardy strain that produces potent buds with rich berry flavors and aromas. Its THC level clocks in at around 27%, producing a long-lasting, energetic euphoria (when taken in moderation).
With THC levels reaching up to 32%, Chem Berry D has to be one of the most potent strains currently available. Besides producing a strong cerebral stone that can quickly become sedative in large doses, Chem Berry D also boasts an interesting terpene profile that combines both fruity and chemical fuel aromas.

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Glue strains get their name from their ability to produce thick layers of sticky trichomes. And, given that trichomes are the center of cannabinoid and terpene production, these strains have particularly rich chemical profiles. That’s exactly the case with Original Glue. Thanks to its ability to produce big, frosty buds, this strain boasts a THC level regularly reaching 30%.
HulkBerry is a slightly sativa-dominant strain, which shines through in its physical traits. This is a tall plant that tends to stretch, meaning it’ll need some training and pruning to be grown indoors. Nonetheless, despite a long flowering time, this tends to be an easy-to-grow strain that produces good harvests in a variety of grow environments.
THC is the active ingredient of cannabis that has made the plant popular, famous and notorious. The effect of weed that is called ‘high / stoned’ is largely caused by THC.
In recent decades, many breeders worldwide have concentrated on creating new strains with the highest possible THC percentage. Nowadays strains with more than 20% THC, rising to percentages of around 30%, are no exception.

There’s a reason this strain is named after the mighty Hulk. Bruce Banner BX 2.0 is a powerhouse, consistently reaching a THC level of up to 30%. It’s won numerous awards, as well the honorary High Times title of “one of the strongest strains on Earth.”

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32 thc

Average THC: 18%

Kosher Kush first blessed the world with its presence in 2010 and has been nabbing Cannabis Cup awards ever since. Its genetic background may be a mystery, but this strain’s keepers at DNA Genetics have refined a champion. Wrapped in a thick blanket of crystalline resin, you’ll hardly need a closer look to see that this tranquilizing indica is not one for the novices.
Average THC:В 20%

“There’s no hiding the high with Death Star. We went Christmas tree shopping in the bitter cold. It took us about 45 minutes to pick out a tree…it ended up being the very first tree we saw. Then went to a bar and I confused a mirror for a window.” –hoobear

Average THC: 19.5%
Average THC:В 21%
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