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00 seeds review

GPW : 0.78 (single plant)

Container size : 5 gallon
Ratings: (out of 10 – 10 being high)

I ph’d a rockwool cube in 5.6 water with diluted starting nutes (1/4 of recommendation) for 24 hours. I placed a seed that was soaking in water for 24hrs into the rockwool. I put in a veg tray with lid under a t5 in 90%rh until a root came out of the bottom of the cube. As soon as a root came through I put the cube directly into a net pot with cleaned hydroton. I filled the DWC bucket with 1/4 strength nutes and put in 1″ above the basket about 1.5 inched from the bottom of the rockwool.
• After cure aroma level 6
Strain : Northern Lights
Techniques used (LST, topping etc) : defoliation
Days from sprout to harvest : 85

Northern lights review by u/Can_bud

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